Since 2012, I have been contributing as a freelance writer to various English and German speaking media platforms, for example fudder.de, PluckMagazine and the MIZ Babelsberg. I have also been involved in publications and projects related to fiction writing.

Samples of my writing, some of the journalism type and some of the fiction type, some in German and some in English, can be found here.


A feature-length reflection on the struggles of studying the human mind from an interdisciplinary perspective written by me and my colleagues can be found in the February print issue of Babel Magazine. You can order the issue through their website (in English).


My colleagues and I published a report on the 75th anniversary conference of the famous “What is life?” lecture series by Erwin Schrödinger. The article was originally published in The Conversation Spain but was re-published in El País. The article can be read (in Spanish) here and here.


I interviewed biolinguistics researcher and personal favourite professor Cedric Boeckx for Babel Magazine. We had a nice chat about evolution, language and why we can learn something about the human brain by looking at birds and monkeys. You can buy the issue (and any other issue) on their website. You can read the interview online though.


I was interviewed by UniCross and we talked about selfies and their role in modern life. This was in German. If you know German, you can read the interview here.

I have had the honour of being included twice in the 2016 spring and autumn issues of The Freiburg Review, a bilingual magazine for creative writing based in Freiburg. In spring they published my stort story “Bonkers”, which is a story about about friendship, love, death and surreal things. The autumn issue had a theme, which was “Expats, Travellers and Migrants”, and they included my short story “Take Me Home” – a story about strangers, sex and being lost. The magazine can be bought in different bookstores in Freiburg or online. Check out their website.

In 2016 I co-organised a regular reading event at my favourite bar in Freiburg (unfortunately it’s closed now), Erika Bar. One night, I read 3 of my own texts. Here is a slideshow of photos of that evening, taken by Lynn Sigel. I drew the poster.


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